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Make a Difference

Mentor and tutor local youth for one year. Improve futures for a lifetime.


  I never realized how much these kids go through and how much of an impact I could actually make on them.
  UECC AmeriCorps Member

Each year, 80 college students become year-long mentors and tutors for students in the eastside of Riverside. While providing academic assistance in Math and English Languagee Arts, these college students serve in 8 schools and 3 community centers, grades K-12, as positive role models. UECC offers tutoring to students who need it the most in the City of Riverside and an opportunity for college students to serve their community.

Thanks to AmeriCorps and community partnerships, thousands of youth have benefited from the UECC’s academic assistance, youth programs and community service projects.

Our Mission

The UECC strives to improve the lives of youth in the Eastside of Riverside by providing academic assistance in their schools, providing a safe and welcoming after-school environment, and engaging Eastside residents in service to their community.


UECC is now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 program year.  I'm interested in joining the 2016-2017 team!

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University/Eastside Community Collaborative
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